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History of The Spanish Inquisition Essay

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The Spanish Inquisition became a major part of Spain’s history. The Spanish Inquisition began a restoration for Catholicism but as time progressed, it began to be seen as a terrible aspect of Spain rule by other European countries. The Spanish Inquisition was formed to get rid of heresy but soon turned into using force, to have people convert to Catholicism and get rid of the growing threat of Judaism and Protestantism.
The Islamic presence in Spain would lead to a medieval Inquisition which served as a background to the Spanish Inquisition. During the time of the 700’s, Islam was expanding to the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa(Spanish Inquisition). This led them to the South of Spain(Spanish Inquisition). Because Spain was surrounded by Muslim borders during the period before the Middle Ages, Spain had religious toleration for centuries (Catholic Culture). With the influence of the Islam religion, Spain seemed threatened at this point as Spain was mainly Catholic. It was around the time of 1184 that the Medieval Inquisition was brought upon Europe(Catholic Culture). The official reason for the Inquisition was “to offer guidance to the lost sheep” (qtd. in Catholic Culture). The Church taught that the Christian-Catholic teachings were essential in order to go to Heaven (Spanish Inquisition). However the Medieval Inquisition was mainly to challenge the secular authorities which were viewed as heretics (Catholic Culture). This would be a similar reason for the beginning of the Spanish Inquisition.
There are many reasons argued by historians as to why the Spanish Inquisition really started. Of course, many people today seem to think that the Spanish Inquisition started because the people of the Church were corrupt. To an ext...

... middle of paper ...

...quisition). Overall, the Inquisition had many low points but for a time it also united Spain.

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