The History of the Modern Day Maltese Dog Breed Essay

The History of the Modern Day Maltese Dog Breed Essay

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The Maltese’s origin is unknown. Many think that the Maltese came from Malta, because of the name. Others believe their ancestors came from the Sicilian town of Melita. Evidence supports both theories. In Sicily there is a town called Melita from where many lovely white dogs called Canis Melitei were exported. During the same era, Maltese were known on the island of Malta. The Roman governor, Publius, had a Maltese companion by the name of Issa. A poet in that time, Martialis, wrote about Issa.
Issa is more frolicsome than Cattula’s sparrow.
Issa is purer than a dove’s kiss.
Issa is gentler than a maiden.
Issa is more precious than Indian gems, and, lest the last days that she sees light should snatch her from him forever,
Publius has had her painted.
Whether the Maltese ancestors came from Malta or Melita, they have always been a breed associated with the royal and upper class of people.
Maltese are comfortable living with the elderly and with those who like solitude, but can also live comfortably in a home with growing, active children. These dogs like to be a part of the family, whether it is just one person or a full house. Maltese are highly intelligent, animated, and playful. They enjoy playing games with people, other dogs, and sometimes with other similar sized animals.
Even though the Maltese are wonderful pets, Maltese may not be comfortable around younger children. Proper adult supervision is advisable when a child is playing with a Maltese. If the child is not gentle, the Maltese is likely to growl and even bite the young child.
Proper canine nutrition depends on many factors. Size, activity level, age, and living conditions are the main factors. Each dog, like humans, needs a balanced diet. In order...

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...cise and be active; they can not solely be a pampered pet that lives on the couch and/or bed. If they do not get exercise they will get overweight, lazy, and their life span will decrease.
When the Maltese gets older there may be a time where he starts having problems. When the Maltese has internal problems, can not eat on his own, or move without discomfort, it may be time to let him go. It may be hard to make that decision but it should be made thinking of the Maltese, about if he can still have a pleasant, dignified life. The Maltese trusts his owner to make that decision for him. If the Maltese can no longer live the life he has had with the family, then life is most likely not fun or pleasant for him. When the owner makes the courageous decision to help their friend move on, they should not dwell on the loss, but think about the happy moments they had together

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