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History of The League of Nations Essay

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On July 28th, 1914, the world faced a horror like none before. The First World War was a massive war between 14 countries and their provinces. After the war, many countries were crippled both economically and financially. In order to prevent any further violence between countries, the American president Woodrow Wilson came up with the idea of a League of Nations; a place where the leaders and representatives of countries would meet to keep countries from going in conflict with each other. While this seemed like a great idea at first, Even though they had a few successes, Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations was a huge failure on many accounts; they broke their own rules, did not enforce the rules they set up for countries, and ultimately failed to prevent a second world war.
Even though the successes outweighed the failures, the League of Nations did have a few successes. One of these was in 1921 at the Aaland Islands. The Swedish and Finnish were having a dispute over who should own the islands, since they were an equal distance between Sweden and Finland. The islands were currently under the rule of the Finnish, however, the people of those Islands wanted to be ruled by the Swedish. The League of Nations finally decided that the islands would remain under Finnish control, but that there would be no weapons allowed on the islands. This rule has survived till today and i still in place. That same year there was another conflict, this time in Upper Silesia. The conflict was between the people of the area itself. The Treaty of Versailles gave the people the option to vote for weather they would be a part of Germany or Poland. in the end 700,000 people voted that Upper Selesia should join Germany, and 500,000 people voted that Uppe...

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