Essay History of the Lange Family

Essay History of the Lange Family

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The history of the Lange family spans back almost over 100 years ago with the birth of Grandfather Clark Lange in 1917 who then married Catherine Phelan (b: 1922) in November of 1946, which then began the Lange family lineage. Catherine and Clark gave birth to Walter (b: 1947), Anne (b: 1949), Paul (b: 1951), Mary (b: 1954), Brian (b: 1957), and Peter (b: 1961) into the family. From there, Water and Carol Ann Ronan who married in August of 1970 gave birth to Daniel Lange in 1973, Catherine Lange in 1971, and Courtney Lange in 1971.
These are the main Lange’s who helped shaped and build our family to that way it is now. We then see the following marriages play out which then introduced the younger generation of the Lange family. Anne Lange marries Wendell Han Fah Yee in August of 1985 in Washington DC. Catherine Lange marries Christopher John Mackin in May of 2000 in Gaithersburg, MD. Daniel Lange marries Amy Hamstead in September of 2001 in Pittsburgh, PA. Daniel and Amy are now divorced. Courtney Lange marries Adam Hollis in August of 2006 in New Hampshire. Paul Lange marries Jennifer Ann Mann in September of 1979 in New York, NY. Mary Lange marries John Allen Wilson in February of 1988 in Austin, TX. Brian Lange marries Yadwiga Kozlowska in 1954 in May of 1992 in Bristol, CT. Lastly, Peter marries Kathryn Lisa Pitz in November of 1988 in Windsor, CT.
We see the births of Elizabeth Carol Mackin (b: 2002) and Claire Elise Mackin (b: 2004) who are daughters of Catherine and Chris Mackin. Dylan (b: 2005) and Rylie (b: 2008) are the son and daughter of Daniel and Amy. Courtney and Adam Hollis give birth to Anna Hollis in 2009 and John Hollis in 2012. Anne and Wendell Yee give birth to Alyson Lange in 1990. Matthew (b: 1986) a...

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... them first hand in person while they were not on the bench. He has been able to meet just about every single Supreme Court Justice that is currently sitting on the bench now. He has practically has a personal connection to the Supreme Court Justices just for serving as tour guide for the Supreme Court. It is not everyday that one can say this about one of their family members. Also, not many people are able to volunteer as a docent.

The Lange family history expands almost over 100 years of history and heritage. Between all the generations that the Lange’s have lived through, they have lived through a lot of major social events and other major political events. Some of these events include the Civil Rights Act, The Beatles, women liberties, Prohibition and the Great Depression. These events leave a lasting legacy and a footprint in the Lange family’s history.

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