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Clashes have existed throughout the history of the Jewish people, they are concentrated in modern times around the State of Israel. These do not always involve external parties, such as the Arab-Israeli or Palestinian-Israeli conflicts do, but rather happen from inward forces. To fully understand these intramural disputes, the precursor events and history need to be researched. The exile of the Jews in 70CE by the Roman Empire began a chain of developments of the Jewish community which involved waves of migration. While the Roman Empire took many Jews as slaves, a diaspora community was formed, mainly in Babylonia where they were able to build Yeshivas and to live autonomously, as this was one country where Christianity was not the ruling religion. During this time of exile, much time was dedicated to study and during this period the Talmud was produced.

It was in the 9th century when there was a decline in the Babylonian Jewish community, there was another diaspora, to both Europe and to Northern Africa. Europe had fallen into the dark ages. The newly migrated Jewish community remained separate from the Christian community, and looked down upon their illiteracy. Charlemagne extended an open arm to the Jewish community with offers of land, protection and equal rights with their Christian counterparts, however, the general populous were native pagans who had been converted to Christianity and were highly superstitious. This lead to crusades and pogroms. Despite the difficulties, the Ashkenazi Jewish community grew, they had a narrow world view as they kept to themselves, and so their only studies consisted of the Torah and the Talmud.
The other diaspora community was in Northern Africa which was, at that time, inhabited by two...

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...chooses to deal – or, more accurately, not to deal – [with inequality] through commissions targeting pinpoint issues” and advised that governmental and economic policy be put in place.

The Ashkenazi Sephardic split is one consistent theme through history that began before the foundation of the Jewish State. The differences between the groups are widespread, beginning with philosophical differences in interpretations of texts and the following of different laws, and spanning to minute details in tradition and customs. The variation between the divided Jewish groups was perpetuated by the social standings and the long term ethnic divide between the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim or Mizrahim. These disparities have been perpetuated by the segregation of the different religious communities, the difference in educational opportunities and the disproportionate wages.

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