Essay on History of the Inka Empires

Essay on History of the Inka Empires

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Inka, was a community that used to live in the area of Cuzco, which is located about 10,000 feet in the mountains of Southern Peru. The word “inka” means “ruler”. The state inka was created during the time of wars. Their wars were pretty big back in the days, they had around 200,000 soldiers, which of course was considered the largest and best armed in the region. Their transportation was “walking” through the highways because they had no cars to transport to their wars. They also carried their supplies on the backs of llamas. Once they settled down and marked their territories for their troops, they were instructed in the “Quechua” language. The “Quechua” language became the lingua franca of the state” (Duiker 177). The inka culture did not have a writing system, instead they recorded their communications by a knotted string called “quipu”. This was able to record numerical nature and whatever they needed to communicate, instead they just memorized it and then recite it when needed. Even though they had a lack of writing system, they still had a high level of cultural achievement. They had a highly developed tradition, also some poetry and music.
Apparently the Inka Empire was destroyed by the Spanish culture by a very heartless way. The Spanish “Fransisco Pizarro” stole over 280,000 kg of gold from the Inka. He also destroyed and prohibited everything of native religions and culture but even though he did that they still had traditions and it kept growing more and more all-around Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. “The Quechua-speaking people of the Andes are descendants of the Inka, they make up almost 45 percent of the population of Peru” ( It’s a community that works together and combine farming and herding w...

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...rg). The older ones had to weave cloth. They also made their own beer, they called it “Chicha”, which they only drank when they had a special occasion to celebrate. The Quipu kept track of what everyone did and did not do throughout the day. And to be able to communicate they used strings of different colors and tied them into knots. The emperor also developed holidays for his people to have and when they were going on, the whole village was closed just to be able to celebrate peacefully and to have fun. These kind of festivals happened about six times a month, which means that they shut down the entire place six times a month. The Ink were great architects and builders, every temple and palaces were built by them, they even built the roads for their government and military troops to transport themselves. Sadly the Spanish used this road to conquer the Inka Empire.

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