The History of the Fall of Rome: Is the United States Also Destined to Fall?

The History of the Fall of Rome: Is the United States Also Destined to Fall?

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Between the second century BCE and the first century ACE Rome expanded from a city-state into an empire controlling the Mediterranean Sea, which at the time of the Roman Empire, was the center of the civilized world. As years went by Rome fell. Many people link Rome and the United States together. Rome rose from nothing into a great world power, however, they reached their peak and then fell, much the same, as the United States is today.
Rome and the United States are similar in many ways. Rome, at one point, was an advanced civilization that was ruled by a democracy. Also, in the beginning the great Roman Empire was not even a great power, just as the United States was in the 1700’s. During the United States’ rise, however, they managed to become one of the greatest forces, globally. The United States is very similar to Rome in many more ways; historians try and connect everything about Rome to the United States today. In the 1700’s, colonies were set up in the land now known as the United States. These colonies were small. Almost 300 years later, the American colonies became one of the most advanced and strongest countries in the world in the fields of technology, military and the standard of living. In the 20th century, the United States was the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Now, the United States is still near the top but within a short time China will beat the United States and surpass the technological advancements of the United States. The United Sates does hold the highest standard of living. The American college and university system is both one of the most respected and one of the most accessible in the world. In terms of population with education beyond high school the United States is second ...

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...artments from surrounding townships came to help out. Terrorism only coordinates the United States with its citizens.
The Roman Empire spent money on the poor citizens of their nation. However, no, this did not deplete necessary funds that were for running the nation. The Roman Empire tried to hide the problem of all their poor citizens with the “bread and circuses”. In theses circuses the roman citizens would go to be entertained by blood fights and other events, such as chariot racing and mock sea battles.
In all, Rome was on a collision course off the maps. Rome was turned against itself and against its surroundings. Along with the dilemma of civil wars, Rome had many emperors who had themselves put to power illegally. The United States too, is set for defeat. Rome, nothing to something eventually fell, this will be the case for the United States as well.

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