Essay about The History of the Christian Church

Essay about The History of the Christian Church

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The fall and decline of the Roman Republic became an act of survival and it destroyed Rome completely. The only way for farmers to survey, would be to make their own fighting equipment and they would struggle everyday, they had nothing. The land would be ugly, not maintain because, they had nothing to maintain it with, and they were poor. The farmers had no choice but to sell their property to the Romans, also know as the Socrates. Also, in 133 B.C the Gracchi brothers were trying to make situation better by relocating farmers in the North Africa, but along the way they were both killed. Marius and Sulla were a new role for the Roman Army but, shortly they were against one another. Marius made a list of Sulla’s friend and had them killed. Sulla was smarter, he made a list of Marius associates and killed them and took their property and this act made Sulla a hero and a dictator over night. The development of two groups occurred, Optimate was one and Populare was another group. Optimate were powerful senators and Populares they were supporters by Roman people.
The first Triumvirates (coalition) were divided into 3 important men. Crassus was one, the richest man in Rome and Pompey, the military general and Julius Caesar, the popular supporter. Crassus would suppress the slavery war of Spartacus and him and Pompey die. Julius Caesar was a very smart man he concurred and got many countries, but later on died by the hand of his friend Brutis, he stabbed him multiples times.
In conclusion, during this time in Rome, it was all about battles, defeating and concur one another for riches and power. The people had friendship but, later on became enemies and killed their friends and family and then each other to be the best named worrier. ...

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... Also, the monks would help travelers and help sick people, who came through the forest. They saved everything about history, from what was going on who were powerful and the people were treated at this time. The monks advised the Germanic Kings and people on what to do and what not to do and they would work in missionary. The monks had no fear for kings they always told them how they felt and that was amazing at that time because the king could have anyone killed.
In conclusion, I believe what the monks were doing was showing dedication to what they believe in and that is very brave during that time, everyone obeyed the kings. The monks continue to pray to god, live in solitary and obey the abbot. I feel the up most gratitude to the monks for saving history, because we would have no idea what happened in the past and they also had something to do with freedom.

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