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History of the Arab League Essay

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The league of Arab states is referred to as the Arab League. The Arab League was formed on March 22, 1945 in Cairo, Egypt. The League began with six member states namely Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi, Arabia, Syria, Transjordan (now known as Jordan). Yemen joined at a later stage on 5th May 1945. It is a regional organization, which has now grown to include 22 states in and around North Africa and Southwest Asia. Every country is given one vote at the council. However, Syria was suspended since 2011 due to the ongoing civil war and the government’s repression.
The League’s highest body is the Council which is composed of representatives of member states, usually foreign ministers, their representatives or permanent delegates. Each member state has one vote, irrespective of its size. The council meets twice a year, in March and September, and may meet formally on special session at the request of two members.
On day to day basis, the league is run by the general secretariat. Headed by a secretary-general, it is the administrative body of the league and the executive body of the council and specialized ministerial councils.

The main aim of the Arab League is to “draw closer the relations between member states and co-ordinate their political activities with the aim of realizing a close collaboration between them to safeguard their independence and sovereignty and to consider in general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries.” According to the Charter of Arab League, Article II states that it also looks at the Economic and financial affairs, including commercial relations, customs, and currency, question of agriculture. Along with it, in communications, it includes railroads, roads, aviation, navigat...

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... growth and to unify different nations market as such to stand competitive with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the Arab League has not been able to match or replicate similar success stories. Although it was initially formed to improve economically as one of its main motive, the league has much been drawn into political instability within its member nations. Much criticism is drawn as the league continues to struggle with disunity and dysfunction. Whilst it achieved consensus on Arab Peace Initiative in 2002, the league failed to coordinate policy over the Gulf war of 1990 as well as the Iraq war of 2003. As suggested by Mohamad Bazi, a Lebanese American award winning journalist, on Arab League, he says, “The short-term prospects are limited, and in the medium term, it depends on factors outside of League’s control, in the individual states.” (Masters, 2012)

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