Essay about History Of Tennessee And The Volunteer Spirit

Essay about History Of Tennessee And The Volunteer Spirit

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Throughout the history of Tennessee there has been many influential people, events, and themes. Although they are all significant in their own way because they have all helped to constructed Tennessee into the way it is today, some in particular still stand out. If it weren’t for the positive, or negative, effect some factors played out, things in Tennessee would be completely different for the volunteer state. The two people that stand out between the years of 1860-1990 are Cordell Hull and Frank Clement. As for the events it would have to be the infamous Battle at Shiloh and the Manhattan project. Two important themes between the given years is Racism in Tennessee and the volunteer spirit.
Cordell Hull was a significant figure in Tennessee because he was American Politician. Cordell Hull was born and raised in Pickett County, Tennessee. In 1933, Hull began serving as a Secretary of State. Hull retired in 1944 making him the longest serving secretary. Cordell Hull was under the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the majority of World War II. Not did Hull represent Tennessee well by becoming a successful Secretary of State, but he also won a Nobel Peace Prize. Hull won that award for the work he had done with establishing the United Nations. President Roosevelt often referred to Hull as the “Father of the United Nations.”
The second dominant figure in Tennessee history is Frank Clement. Frank Clement served as the governor of Tennessee from 1953-1959 and 1963-1976. Clement’s work with transforming Tennessee from less of an agricultural state to an industrial state is just one of the many reasons as to why stands out in history. Clement also made it his mission to increase he funding for education and ...

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...e is added onto the state’s license plates, making known throughout the nation. During wars such as the War of 1812 and the Mexican American War, majority of the men wanting to serve our country came right out of Tennessee. In the war of 1812 thousands of men from Tennessee played a notable role in the war. This reputation for volunteering also came during the Mexican War when the secretary of state asked for 2,800 Tennessee volunteers and got 30,000 respondents. The Volunteer Spirit is crucial to Tennessee because of how well Tennessee its of its nickname, few states nickname are as timeless as that.
Tennessee history is full of eminent information. Through all the ups and downs, people, events, and themes each one plays a very important role in Tennessee’s history. Because of all the different historical events it has made Tennessee the proud Volunteer state it is.

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