History of Technology Use in Advertising Essay

History of Technology Use in Advertising Essay

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Introduction: Chapter 1

1.1 Why is it important to ask this question?

It is sometimes easy for consumers and advertisers to forget, but advertising involves a whole ecosystem of creativity, copywriter and art director, planners and Creative Directors, affiliates of the brand, via a plethora of other professionals – and professions – in order for an idea to come to life and hit our TV screens, radio waves, and any other medium available. With a perpetual flux of new technologies, media and ways to market brands, it becomes increasingly important for Creatives to understand their impact on the ways they can affect, and enhance, the creative process in advertising.
For industry veteran David Ogilvy, as for hopefully most advertisers out there, advertising is about selling products (2007, p. 7). It is useless for consumers to say how creative they find an ad, they need to actually go out there and buy the product – or at least aspire to buying it. Abiding by this principal on the outset is crucial for the creative process’s effectiveness. In addition to this basic mindset, knowing what technology is out there and how the medium will affect the creative idea will allow more control whilst navigating through the abundance of platforms and channels becoming available to reaching consumers.
Ogilvy’s concept of the ‘Big Idea’ (2007, p. 16) as being the Creative’s Holy Grail that culminates from a successful creative brainstorm is by no means dead, but there are arguably now more than just a Big Idea, perhaps several, that a brand can market itself with. With globalization, the synchronization of cultures, the fragmentation of media, the increased accessibility of technology and a far more media savvy audience, advert...

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