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The History of Roman Government Essay

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The history of the Roman people can be documented from prehistoric times, to the death of Emperor Constantine the great in 337 A.D. It can be categorized into three major divisions, the monarchy, the Republic, and the Empire. (Starr, The Ancient Romans) Rome during the monarchic years created and developed institutions and trends of great importance for the future life of the Roman people. Trends such as the way family was treated, a concept of private property, social and political institutions, law, and finally religion. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to describe this, Because of the unsatisfactory nature of existing sources of information. (Starr, The Ancient Romans) Roman history, like Greek history can be seen as a confused mess of truth and fiction. Some of the earliest history we have, can be credited to Levi and Dionysius, who wrote in the time of Augustus, but were so far removed from the early events that their value is pretty questionable. That being said, few civilizations have had the type of impact on the world that the Romans did, though not perfect they contributed several things that helped shape the Western world. In short Roman history is, a history of the world and by studying Roman history, we can help identify problems, and come up with solutions, that will make a better future.
The exact history of the Roman transition from kinship to Republic this kind of hazy. According to ancient tradition, the Romans overthrew Tarquin the proud because of his tyrannical government and his son’s rape of a noble man's daughter. (Starr, The Emergence of Rome) Her death, is said to have set off a violent revolution which resulted in the expulsion of the Tarquins, and the abolition of the monarchy, which led to the e...

... middle of paper ... point in time and Empire was needed to see through the success of the nation. Had the Roman Republic had the technology we have today, there is a great possibility that it would've remained a Republic. Nonetheless it left behind a form of government, which would be mimicked by several nations that followed. The gift of a good democracy was a priceless gift to the Western world, it allowed large populations to have a say in political issues, and have a sense of nationality.

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