The History of Prejudice and Discrimination Essay

The History of Prejudice and Discrimination Essay

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Being Prejudice means that you are discriminating against another race or group of people. Discrimination is an awful thing that has been around since the beginning of time. It can be a dangerous thing because it can cause problems for example Hitler discriminating against the Jews and getting millions of people to hate them. I don’t think discrimination will be gone completely but there are some ways for it to be slowed down and/or reduced.

There are many things that can cause people to be prejudice or discriminate against another group. The people you hang around, your family and friends can influence you into doing things like hating another group of people. For example, I was watching a movie called Higher Learning, it’s about of group of African Americans who go to a college that was filled with mostly white people. One of the main characters, went walking late i night where he met someone who turned out to be affiliated with the KKK. Later on in the movie he talked the kid into joining and becoming someone who hates African Americans. He hated them to a point where he shot a black girl because one of his “ brothers” told him to do so. Something else that can cause discrimination is social media stereotypes. There is also a whole bunch stereotyping against "gays and lesbian" community. Everything from colours of their clothing to lifestyle choices have been inconsiderately invented and labelled onto this group of people. Homosexual youth are already confused as it is of their differences from the rest of society. These labels tend to confuse them even more, since they now think that they have to become what they see on TV to embrace who they are, or that they should reject who they are because they don't like wh...

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...Discrimination is a horrible thing that I thinks should stop completely. Being prejudice has caused many problems for a long time, and it is about time that it stopped. It can be a very dangerous thing like how Hitler started the biggest war the planet has ever seen, over discriminating against Jewish people. But there are ways that it can be reduced like making laws against being prejudice in a public environment. I don’t think that discrimination will be gone entirely because people have their opinion on things.But I do believe that it can be slowed down so it doesn’t happen as much as it did.

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The History of Prejudice and Discrimination Essay

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