The History of Philip Morris and the Marlboro Brand Essay

The History of Philip Morris and the Marlboro Brand Essay

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The history of Philip Morris and the Marlboro 2

The Marlboro 3

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Marlboro Man 6

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The history of Philip Morris and the Marlboro

The history of what is now a global company can be traced back to Philip Morris's 1847 opening of a single shop on London's Bond Street, selling tobacco and ready-made cigarettes.
On Mr Morris's death, the business was taken over by his wife Margaret and his brother Leopold. In 1881 the company went public, Leopold Morris joining Joseph Grunebaum to establish Philip Morris & Company and Grunebaum, Ltd. This partnership was dissolved in 1885 and the company became known as Philip Morris & Co., Ltd.
The company finally left the founding family's control in 1894, when it was taken over by William Curtis Thomson and his family. Under Thomson, the company was appointed tobacconist to King Edward VII and, in 1902, was incorporated in New York, by Gustav Eckmeyer. Ownership was split 50-50 between the British parent and American partners. Eckmeyer had been sole agent for Philip Morris in the US since 1872, importing and selling English-made cigarettes.

1919 was a crucial year for the company. It saw the introduction of the Philip Morris coronet logo, the acquisition of the Philip Morris Company in the US by a new firm owned by American stockholders, and its incorporation in Virginia under the name of Philip Morris & Co., Ltd., Inc. By the end of the next decade, the company had begun to manufacture cigarettes in its factory in Richmond, Virginia; in 1924, what was to become its...

... middle of paper ... beautiful landscape in the background makes people want to go there. The use of various wild locations in America and wild horses drives the focus from smoking being unhealthy to being natural and being close to nature.

The use of warm brown and red colors – both in the cowboy’s clothing and the background- are relaxing and refer to the smooth taste and the taste of sunshine in Marlboro.


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Practical Cultural Studies for Marketing Home Assignment

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Date: May 9 2007


Representing Marlboro

Practical Cultural Studies for Marketing Home Assignment



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