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History of Nintendo Technology Essay

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The evolution of the video game industry can be traced through the metamorphosis of the early, complex, fantasy-world based games that were focused on the avid adolescent gamers using conventional joysticks and consoles, to easy, realistic games that appealed to a broader spectrum of age groups using innovative wand-like joysticks and consoles.
When at its nascent stage, the video game industry focused on enticing adolescents by installing gaming systems at recreation centers and malls. With advanced technological enhancements, it became conceivably easier to reach out to other consumers through advanced gaming consoles that were now focused on disseminating to families at their homes. These preliminary gaming consoles were proprietary, permitting the gamers to indulge in games that were developed predominantly for these consoles. Although, the inception of using Personal Computers (PCs) for gaming purposes altered hindered this exclusiveness of gaming, the evolution of the video game industry remained unabated.
The competition amongst the key players of video game industry in the mid-1990s to the early-2000s is noteworthy, considering the fact that technological endeavors were deeply intertwined with competitiveness. Some of the key players of the video game industry namely, Sony and Microsoft had developed and released their exclusive video game consoles, the PS and the Xbox, respectively.
With further technological advancements which paved the way for high-speed internet connections, high-definition video rendering capabilities, it was not long before these organizations conceptualized their video game consoles as ground-breaking home entertainment systems. The incorporation of a Blu-ray player in the Sony’s PS3 console, the ...

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...ring the software and hardware teams work together right from the stages of inception. This nascent collaboration between hardware and software teams allows for the early development and release of first party titles giving them an advantage of obtaining a jump start into the market and also lowering costs in contrast to other third party titles. A fourth strategy that could be adopted is to develop unconventional games that cater to a non-existent audience. Competitors should explore video game console applications to uncharted markets and industries. A final strategy could be to correlate sales of video games with hardware consoles as this has previously proved to be highly beneficial to Nintendo’s Wii.

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