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History of New Netherlands Essay

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The people of New Netherland are often thought to be Dutch, mainly due to the colony being founded by the West India Company which was governed by the Dutch. However, this area, which became New York in 1664 after being seized by England, was home to a diverse population of European immigrants. These settlers came from Holland, Sweden, France, Germany, and other surrounding areas. I wanted to learn more about this distinct group of people than Roark mentioned in our textbook, so I visited a website found at http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/albany/nnd.html to discover more.
Stefan Bielinski refers to the people of the region as the New Netherland Dutch on his web page. Starting with just a few thousand immigrants, they settled in a region that is now Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. He goes on to state that this population was also comprised of people originally from Norway, Denmark, England, Scotland, and Ireland in addition to the countries mentioned by Roark. This meant that nearly half of the immigrants who came to settle in New Netherland were not of Dutch descent. They were, however, transported to North America as a means of supporting the Dutch’s West India Company. Bielinski also notes that more than one-tenth of the people in what finally was renamed Albany were African slaves who were also original settlers that helped shape the New Netherland Dutch and their colonies.
New Netherland became home to mostly young men and boys who had made the trip from Europe alone. Some immigrants arrived as families comprised of husbands, wives, and children. Families grew as children were born in America and marriages were conducted between people of different ethnicities, further adding to the diversity of the colony. By 1697, ...

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...etherlanders and their ancestors who eventually lived in the colony of Albany. The only downfall to this website is that you can easily get lost in all of the information as you link around within the site making it difficult to revisit the page you first started reading. It would also be nice to have more images within the entire website to add interest and a deeper understanding of the New Netherland people and their way of life.
The website is especially useful for anyone who has a personal connection to the area or people of New Netherland. The People of Colonial Albany Live Here website has an index with every possible subject imaginable including biographies, churches, families, maps, and wills. Through Bielinski’s work and all of the external links he has provided the web-user, a person can learn a lot about New Netherland and its progressive history.

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