History Of Marriage And Family Therapy Essay

History Of Marriage And Family Therapy Essay

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History of Marriage and Family Therapy:
Introduction to Systems Theory
Rayon L. Walton
Northcentral University

Family Systems Theories and Couple Therapy Summary
Chabot (2011) describes homeostasis as a concept of how families interact with each change and the lengths that they go to in order to resist the change by disregarding how it will impact all the members of the family. The contributions of family homeostasis, reveals that there are other observation that are helpful in dealing with family challenges (i.e. double bind).
Double bind is worth mentioning because it can help the therapist identify some the root causes for some of the challenges that families face. The double bind concept is likened to negative reinforcement as mentioned by B. F. Skinner (1953) and considered a primary negative injunction. Later in this summary examples will be demonstrated which give a deeper understanding of the double bind concept.
At the foundation of couple therapy are concepts that exist in stages. Understanding these stages from an individual and couples perspective requires learning about the intricacies of relationships. Being able to balance the issues of the individuals and the couple separately, can help the therapist understand and remedy pitfalls which can hinder positive growth and development in relationships. Couple therapy earned its popularity in the mental health arena because it is recorded as one of the main reasons why divorcing couples seek help for their relationship difficulties (Gurman & Snyder, 2011).
Homeostasis and Identified Patient
Systems thinkers discussed a wide range of concepts that affect how members in the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) profession perform their duties. Hom...

... middle of paper ...

...py as a science has experienced leaps and bounds in the application of treatment. What was once a basis of individualistic perspectives that focused on one person is now the expansion of horizons, transitioning to a broader set of concepts which researches the family system as a whole.
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