History Of Latin America And The Larger World Essay

History Of Latin America And The Larger World Essay

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The history of Latin America and the larger world was greatly influenced by the legacy that colonialism left behind. Each event that occurred in Latin America is fundamental when attempting to understand the present day reality in Latin America. One of the most prominent legacy of colonization was the social structure that it left emplaced in Latin America. This complex caste system was used for social control and also emphasized the superiority of the Spaniards. One 's social class was tied to the purity of their blood, where Spanish blood was seen as superior and the most powerful while those with African blood were lower in the caste system. Similarly to today, who you were was of utter importance. Your family name, eye color, hair color, skin color, appearance, how and what you speak, would dictate how you were treated and all this varied depending on what position you were on in the caste system. As a result of this caste system, everyone associated Spanish blood with being better. The caste system got so complex because of the mixing that would happen between races. Today, we o...

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