The History of Knitting Essay

The History of Knitting Essay

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Knitting has been a human activity since the first millennium AD. In essence, knitting is the use of tools to create a knotted section of cloth. Unlike other methods of cloth production, knitting does not require large and expensive looms. It is performed with small and easily created tools.

Early knitting was called nalebinding. It was a simple technique. It produced a dense, warm and long lasting fabric. Unlike modern knitting, it only used a single needle to knot the yarn or thread. Most of the earliest knitted objects were socks and stockings. By the 5th century AD fabric that looks like modern knitting was being produced throughout the Middle East. Eventually the craft reached Northern Europe. There the art flourished into what we know today.

By the 16th century knitting had all of the elements of modern knit work. Both the knit and the purl stitch were in common use. Simple laces could be created. Stranded color work was also being developed and worn. In Scotland and the Nordic countries they also developed complex cable work to decorate warm sweaters and other accessorie...

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