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The History of Indian Independence Essay example

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The Salt March was the start of a national campaign to reject the salt tax. The march took place on March 12, 1930 when Gandhi and his followers marched from the Sabarmati Ashram and traveled 200 miles towards the sea. The group of marchers grew as the days went on. They built up to a few thousand people and marched 12 miles per day. On April 5th, they reached Dandi, which was a town on the coast of Gujarat. Gandhi made a presentation by picking up a grain of sea salt that was on the beach, technically breaking the law. The Salt March began a chain reaction and a national effort for Indians to start making their own salt. Thousands of people walked to the beaches to collect salt and some even began to evaporate salt water. This new salt that was being produced by Indians sold all over the country. The idea was contagious and peaceful protests around India took place. The British responded with mass arrests.
After the step back that happened during Gandhi's arrest for the Rowlatt Act, his teachings proved to take two steps forward. Gandhi announced that he planned the march on Dharasana Salt Works, which was owned by the British government. Without trial, the British imprisoned Gandhi. The British were trying to stop the protests and they hoped that Gandhi's arrest would put a stop to the march and its efforts, but that was not even close to what happened. They underestimated Gandhi's followers. One of Gandhi's greatest followers was a poet named Mrs. Sarojini Naidu; she took over and led 2500 marchers. The group reached the 400 police officials and some British officers who were already aware of the situation. The marchers came in a column of 25 at a time. They were assaulted and beaten up with clubs and batons. The internati...

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