History Of Germany After World War II Essay

History Of Germany After World War II Essay

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History of Germany after World War II
After the Second World War, the Germany has been divided into the four zones under the control of the former Soviet Union, United States, France and Britain. In 1945, it was Potsdam conference; there was treatment of uniformity of the German population all over the Germany. The Social Market Economy has certainly achieved this aim: capital formation in Germany has remained at a very high level throughout the postwar period (Stolper & Roskamp, 1979).The desired power of the administrative department of the Germany was focused on the economic recovery of the Germany is the prerequisites revival of the postwar Europe. There are many changes raised in the political and economically system of the Germany after the World War II.
As the Germany were divided into four zones so there were different culture introduced in various regions. Various policies were brought in the inter-zonal, and economic unity has never been achieved. There was no political stability in the Germany because every state amends their interest in their occupation zone. The culture is dividing into many subcultures, as we know a culture is different in different countries. In the culture the members share their information’s, thoughts beliefs also share some experience which is common in every group.
Everyone belongs to these kinds of race, age, and background, which is, depending on the ethnic systems, and the place where we live is based on the subculture. The large groups within the society are defined by subcultures. Religious, racial and ethnic is the core of subcultures. The mainstream of the ethnic group is based on the successful campaigns, which are incorporated by the elements of the cultures from the ethnic groups...

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...ly, is considered as counterculture.
There are four elements of subcultures including values and beliefs, symbols and the norms or languages. The symbols of any culture depend on their culture that is representing it. Germany was focused on the economic recovery of the Germany is the prerequisites revival of the postwar Europe. In September 21, 1949, it is stated that the federal German republic was set up. This republic was followed by the German Democratic Republic with East Berlin as its capital.


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