Essay on The History of Gatsby's Gold Coast

Essay on The History of Gatsby's Gold Coast

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Throughout history Long Island has become an important part of New York’s impactful past. From the creation of the Long Island Railroad to the post-war development of Levittown, Long Island has flourished into a truly remarkable place. Long Island has been referenced in many ways, but Long Island is most known for it’s setting in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald depicted New York City and Long Island, also known as “The Gold Coast”, as extremely vivid and lively in the 1920’s. In that time period, some of the wealthiest people in America settled in “The Gold Coast”. Though The Great Gatsby was not based on a true story, the setting in the story was based off of real places in Long Island, still standing today. Unfortunately not all were that lucky.

The “Gold Coast” is located throughout the towns of North Hempstead, Huntington, Oyster Bay, in Nassau and Western Suffolk county.1 The setting of the North Shore plays an extreme role in Fitzgerald’s novel. The Great Gatsby is well known for it’s characters, old wealth, and elite power in the “East Egg” of the Long Island coastline. The “West Egg” was the less wealthy of the two. In the book, Fitzgerald explains the differences in the setting of the East and West Egg. East Egg is depicted as very conservative with old styled mansions and a more elite status.2 The West Egg is seen as gaudy and flashy with brightly colored clothes and cars, causing them to be subsequently despised by the Easterners.3

There are many well known mansions in The Gold Coast, some are open to public use, and others were even used in feature films . These famous mansions include Old Westbury Gardens, Hemptstead house at Sand’s point, The Vanderbilt, and Oheka Castle. Old Westbury Garde...

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