Essay about The History of FFA

Essay about The History of FFA

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FFA is known by most people in the world today. Today, there are 579,678 FFA members, ages 12‒21, in 7,570 chapters in all 50 states including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It all started in 1917 The National Vocational Act started providing money to states for educational courses. Then in 1925 Virginia Tech agricultural education teacher educators Henry Groseclose, Harry Sanders and Edmund C. Magill and Virginia state supervisor of agricultural education Walter Newman meet to discuss an organization for boys in agriculture classes.
The Future Farmers of Virginia would be the model for the Future Farmers of America. The next year at the American Royal Livestock Show invited The Future Farmers of Virginia to the national livestock meeting in Kanas. They later discus a law that will allow African Americans to join. The next year was big year in 1928 they established the Future Farmers of America. They had found their first national president her name was Leslie Applegate she was from New Jersey. They had their first national convention and 33 delegates from 18 states attended. At the 2nd National FFA Convention in November 1929 33 states are represented by 64 delegates. They were up to 35 state associations with 1,500 chapter and 30,000 this was in 1929! National blue and corn gold are decided to be the official FFA colors, and with these color they adopted their official dress. It consisted of dark blue shirt, blue or white pants, blue cap and yellow tie three years later they adopted thecorduroy jacket.
The official FFA Creed was written and adopted. The first FFA manual was printed. The delegates restrict FFA memberships to boys only. The FFA officers and members will travel to Washington D.C. in 1933 where they a...

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...e was a horrible hurricane down south hitting New Orleans, Louisiana and several other states. They launched the Seeds of Hope organization they raised 835,699 dollars in donations to help rebuild chapters, and help farmers. Seeds of Hope helped the FFA foundation break $10 million in raising money for FFA programs and services Ford motor companies would contribute $1 million the next year. National Convention was moved to Indianapolis Indiana. In 2007 FFA Merchandise Center opens its doors in Indianapolis Indiana. Memberships break an all time high at the half-million mark with 500,823 members in 7,358chapters. In 2009 FFA celebrates the 40th anniversary of women being admitted into FFA.

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