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Fashion was culturally formed, and there is a close relationship between art and fashion. The first designer who had his label sewn into a garment he created was Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895). In the 1840s, adult women adopted a variation on girls' pantalettes as an undergarment. (Toccata: March 2010
Pantalettes, sometimes indicated major transitions in a girl's life signifying the going forward from infant to schoolgirl. From 1350 to mid 1500s, real fashion started to appear, as clothes were tailored to display the figure. During the 1700s, the Age of Enlightenment, ladies dressed in voluminous draped fabrics putting on a few more pounds. Tightly laced corsets were used in the bodices of their gowns, and hoops worn under their dresses, were made of flexible whalebone (a thin plastic strip used in stiffening corsets and bodices) held together by tapes (Fig. 1). During the industrial revolution in the 1800s, French designs dominated women's clothing, and women discarded the corset in favor of a softly bodice. Gowns were made with fewer layers and had leg-of-mutton sleeves (Fig. 2). In the 1870s, synthetic dyes were introduced due to the fact that they were cheaper and color-fast. Toward the 1900s, the Space Age, fashion quickly moved forward into the 20th century. By the end of the 19th-century, the fashion industry had broadened, partly due to the demand of women who had a more independent life style. In 1910, rayon was invented, the first man made fabric that substituted silk. Also, for the first time, hemlines rise above the ankles. During the early 20th century, nearly all high fashion originated in Paris and London. Fashion magazines from other countries sent editors and department stores sen...

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