Essay The History of Fairy Tales

Essay The History of Fairy Tales

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It might be surprising too many but Fairy tales, as far as we know, date back to Egypt in at least 1300BC. They were passed down orally from generation to generation. Fairy tales usually feature folklore characters such as dwarves, old evil witches, a stepmother along with other characters. The term fairy tale itself was first used by Madame d’Aulnoy, a 17th century French writer, who used the term to describe her own fairy tales which she called contes de fee. Some traditional re-tellings of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, and other popular storytellers are a little too much for our children these days. Others are difficult to read to kids as a bedtime story because they may have an evil witch character or may be too violent for them as well. Although the fairy tales may be to violent they have played a huge part of Western cultural heritage, and kids can learn so much from them. For instance, through the conflict and resolution, children will be able to learn to predict outcomes.
Hence, almost unconsciously, every fairy tale includes the rule of threes such as in the fairy ta...

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