The History of Fair Trade Essay

The History of Fair Trade Essay

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Fair trade can be defined as a social movement thats objective is to help producers in developing countries make better trading conditions and elevate sustainability. Fair trade is contrasting to the other trade practices in our world, its about making codes of fairness in the marketplace. The practice of fair trade seeks to reshape the way we buy and sell products - to verify that all farmers and skilled workers behind the manufacturing of goods get a better deal. Most people would assume this as a better means for prices, however can include better and longer lasting relationships. Fair trade is also about information, having the knowledge as to where are food/products are coming from, and having the knowledge that all products were made ethically. It has brought upon an influence to persuade consumers to learn about the social, economic and environmental consequences of their purchases. The movement is conscious of the trust placed in it, and has made a commitment to developing and elevating the highest standards possible in order to maintain the trust. We can look at fair trade as a revolutionary practice, it promotes great change in the market, and on the partnership between producers, traders, businesses and consumers. Fair trade encourages the well-being of the world and those who inhabit it. In this paper we will look at the history of fair trade, the principals and the practices, and the benefits of it all. The fair trade market is an ever-growing place, and people need to become more educated about it.

The history of fair trade begins with the deep roots in European societies long before alternative trading organizations (ATOs) were developed following WWII. Many concepts behind the notions of fair trade show simil...

... middle of paper ...

... the clear-cutting of larger estates. As you can see, something as simple as paying a fair wage to an employee, and a fair price for the goods produced can lead to benefits for everyone.

Fair trade has been in development for fifty plus years now, and will continue to be a developing process. The fair trade organizations all aspire to accomplish similar goals. The practices that are practiced will be ongoing, and the vision will continue to grow with time. Fairtrade International, and Fair Trade Federation are continuously working towards developing new, and better policies to create and even better way of trading. The benefits to buying fair trade are a long list that we must take into consideration. Now that you have background information on what fair trade is, it’s up to you to make informed decisions about your purchases, and who you are giving money to.

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