Essay about The History of European Merchants in China

Essay about The History of European Merchants in China

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The history of the world is bought together by its sophisticated culture and commerce net. Throughout the history, human beings have been taking on varies role in the society, and it has been the human activities kept the history alive, writing down the story of our time. Back in 16th century, an ancient nation was the center of world trading system; this nation attracted countries all over the globe to try to use its cultural and economic superiority for reference, and this nation was China. European countries such as Dutch, England and French had went to Ming and Qing China numerous time, trading had always been their main goal, but the process and strategies have changed throughout the history. There are proves stating that European merchant had taken on an active in Chinese society since Medieval China, which is 13th century. As time goes by, the trade between China and Europe had getting increasingly frequent and more complex. Therefore, this paper focuses on European trading activity with China from 16th century to 20th century, along with trading policy and social status changes.
Portuguese traders came to Macau in 1553, and their initial request was have their goods dry there. At the time, Ming did not have open policy for foreign fleets or merchants to have settlement in China territory, so the Portuguese had to bribe the chief official Wang Bo to gain entre to Macau. It is controversial if Wang Bo had actually taken the bribe, but at the end, Portuguese was able to conducting temporary trade in Macao, only under the condition that Portuguese paying10 percent tariff. The Portuguese were installed at the mouth of the river somewhat in the capacity of a filter, without passing through which no outsider could make contrac...

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