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In the 15th century through the 17th century there were many changes happening in Europe. Europe’s debut began with discovering new territories, empires, and trade routes while encountering unaccustomed goods and appealing information. People were intrigued by new developments not only in other groups and cultures but also in exploration, technology, goods, information on religion and other governments. Others, such as church leaders, weren’t fond of the new ideas and discoveries made by the philosophers of that particular time period. Changes in the Early Modern Era affected the attitudes of Petrarch and Luther because new ideas, such as humanism and secularism, changed the way people viewed education and religion.
Francesco Petrarch, an Italian poet, was considered a highly respected and honorable man in his time. He lived a life of solitude, disordered love, and family misfortune. Growing up, Petrarch did not realize his family was considered to be on the verge of poverty.1 As he became older he started to realize responsibilities and the understandings that his family was not noble. Understanding his background gave him significant motivation to work hard and have perseverance to become a respected man. He learned that growing up in the lower class did not mean he had to act as an uneducated man but that he should strive to be the best. He once said, “Nothing displeases me more than display, for not only is it bad in itself, and opposed to humility, but it is troublesome and distracting.”2 Petrarch expected people to live up to his expectations but not everyone did so.
Looking back at his childhood and realizing he grew up in the lower class Petrarch fully maximized his opportunities of his honorable relationships with nob...

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... them…”12 Indians were captured left and right and were placed in harsh conditions with long, hot days. Most Indians were tricked into working for captains of mines because of a paying incentive; instead they were captured and were to never see their families’ again.13
The Early Modern Era was a prime example of paramount changes and understanding how events can change in a matter of seconds and generate advancements in technology and personal views. It caused people to question authority and ancient beliefs. People were intrigued by new developments not only in other groups and cultures but also in exploration, technology, goods, information on religion and other governments. The attitudes of Early Modern Era philosophers, such as Petrarch and Luther, changed because of new ideas like humanism and secularism that changed how people viewed education and religion.

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