Essay on History Of El Paso, Texas And Ciudad Juarez Flooding

Essay on History Of El Paso, Texas And Ciudad Juarez Flooding

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El Paso has seen its fair share of heat, drought, storms and floods. The complication the binational region has to concentrate on will be management after flash flooding. In order to accomplish an earlier warning time frame the meteorologist need to get ahead of the “Climate Whiplash”. Geologist have already figured out why the ground cannot naturally absorb the stormwater leaving it to the city to find a way to divert or control the runoff. There are many ways to have the water led away from the city. This paper will bring to light past and some current systems in place.
In the binational area of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez flooding has become a way of life due to the scarcity of rain and desert climate. Fortunately, meteorologist, geologist and city planners are continuously working to improve city prior to a storm in order to mitigate any financial hardships during and after a flood. The city has to take in account past events in order to improve infrastructure. They also rely on meteorologist to study how the weather is reacting so they can anticipate the next system and how it will hit this region. The primary expert that contributes to this vital research are the Geologist, who have brought to light the cause and effects during drastic climate events. In this report, it will document infrastructure affects, stormwater management, Climate Whiplash and thoughts from the geologist on the desert-flood relationship.
El Paso and Ciudad Juarez share much more than the border. The Paso del Norte region is a desert and receives an average of nine inches of rain over a year long span. This is a double edged sword for the binational area. On one hand, lack of rain limits the amount of humidity, however, the downside is when it do...

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...iver bed soon overflows and floods the valley with nowhere to go in turn left lower elevations underwater.
Conclusion and Recommendations
In conclusion the only way the borderland can move forward and save thousands of dollars is anticipate the next whiplash. This is not a matter of the possibility of happening again, but when will the flood waters hit next. Protection of the natural water El Paso does have need to be a top priority.
In conclusion the only way the Borderland can move forward and save thousands of dollars is to anticipate the next whiplash. This is not a matter of the possibility of happening again, but when will the flood waters hit next. Protection of the natural water El Paso will always need to be a top priority. With the assistance of the meteorologist and geologist El Paso have the opportunity to improve the defences prior to excessive storms.

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