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The History Of Easter ' Essay

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The history of Easter
The holiday known as Easter dates all the way back to when the world calendar that all nations abide by were just starting in its first years, and said holiday stems from the Christian/ catholic beliefs that they’re messiah Jesus was killed and resurrected from the dead; and from which a multitude of traditions and customs came and transformed into what is now the modern day interpretation. The holiday was originally celebrated to commemorate the death and resurrection of the infamous self-proclaimed son of god according to the Christian bible. According to the bible, Jesus spent forty days away from his society and friends, in order to speak to god and purify himself of any wrongs he may have done. During that time it is said that he was tempted by the devil at nearly all points in the day to make Jesus’ suffering even more difficult, only to be executed he decided to return to his village for claiming to be the all powerful righteous son of God . The story is famously known that Jesus lay dead in a tomb for three days before on the third day,[Easter] Sunday, he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, and so became the celebration of the day that the self proclaimed prophet proved his rightful place over man.
As time went on the holiday started taking on a friendlier thematic front with other new traditions and customs that severely changed the way the holiday is celebrated, as it was celebrated through different means and traditions according to what ethnic region partook in their own activities. For example, early traditional holiday activities consisted of fasting for a period of forty days up until the actual Easter Sunday, as it was fabled that the Christian Jesus withdrew himself form society for ...

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...orating eggs, the mascot Easter bunny, partaking in holy ceremony, and whatever other customs taking place during this time of year molded Easter Sunday into the fun-loving colorful appearance the holiday is associated with this day, and has since become a world recognizable holiday.
Aside from the religious point of view, Easter is well known for the yearly egg hunt that several people partake in, and is filled with family gatherings, barbeques, and other various party activities like breaking piñatas or what not, the holiday is an overall joyous time of year with lots of bright decorations and extravagant new plant life due to the season change. Though there might not be much behind the actual upbringing of the way it is celebrated, the holiday still has some interesting foreign roots, and is still a world renowned event since the beginning of our current timeline.

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