The History of Dell Computers Essay

The History of Dell Computers Essay

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You would have to go around the period of World War II to find the first digital computers designed by an army of engineers both computers the size of factories and only able to solve simple mathematical operations The portable computers have evolved since the creation the first one. As technology improved, and financial availability became friendlier for consumers the microcomputer revolution began. The market for microcomputers with a printed circuit grew to about 100,000 because of improved microprocessors, a standard operating system, and increased availability of software, disk drives, and cheaper memory. By the time Dell’s portable devices came to the market, portable devices advanced tremendously. Several computer manufacturers began to pop up around that time: IBM, Apple, and Compaq.

Dell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, who started upgrading IBM compatible personal computers in his college dorm, and then sold them door to door. The Dell business model is what, ultimately, led to the success of the Dell Company. Dell used the same principle that Michael Dell created in his college venture: eliminate the middle man. The company sold its products directly to its customers rather than sell it through distributors. Dell used home-based telephone representatives and field-based representatives to service its customers. Dell’s high growth rates and attractive margins allowed him to fund growth internally which led to him being able to receive orders from government organizations and oil companies. By 1985, Dell’s company grew to $6 million. Dell changed his strategy to begin offering built-to-order computers. By year-end, the company generated $70 million in sales. The competition in the computer industry was intense wit...

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...t no one was able to make the battery work in larger devices, a computer being one of them. It was unclear for some time whether customers were excited for the new technology. But a new battery wasn’t the only available powering option that the production development team could utilize. The second option was creating an ejectable disk drive and replacing it with a rechargeable battery. The Dell production team ultimately knew they wanted to go with the LiOn technology.
In regards to the decision Dell’s production team should make should be in the direction of convenience. Dell should make the decision to utilize the LiOn technology battery because it is more convenient for buyers. Using an ejectable battery would be inconvenient for customers and it also gives the product a better chance of have malfunctions. The LiOn technology battery is definitely the way to go.

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