The History of Customs and Border Protection Essay

The History of Customs and Border Protection Essay

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Cultural Stewardship:
CBP plays a role in protecting and enhancing culture for future generations, and takes significant conservation into account in planning and carrying out facilities and operational activities. CBP promotes communication and partnerships with Native groups, private sector, and important government entities, to safeguard traditional and cultural resources and guarantee their accountability and respectful treatment.
The U.S customs service was initially established during 17th century by the first congress of the United States at 31 July 1789 under the fifth act, which emerged from the 2nd and 3rd act of the first congress of United States, which established the system of tariffs on imported goods and tonnages of ships. There was a urgent need of money to support the federal government so the founding father and member of congress imposed tariff on imports and tonnage of ships, and created a well-regulated customs service to ensure due collections. The department of custom services was then placed under the supervision of President Washington after the creation of department of treasury on September, 11, 1789, when the President appointed Alexander Hamilton as the first treasury secretary. In 1790 congress authorizes the treasury secretary to undertake the building of 10 customs revenue cutters. Customs collectors tasked with the design, building and selection of crews and captain, and management of marine’s revenue. In 1791 congress authorizes the president to utilize the marine’s revenue of U.S. for the safeguard of the U.S. nation. Afterward treasury secretary authorized to employ the special agents for the purpose of examining the account and books of the collectors of customs. Special treasury ...

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...shed in the directorate for border and transportation security, department of homeland security. In the same year, congress mandates the creation of a northern border year wing. Border safety initiative was announced. 24-hour rule was also established. Customs trade partnership against terrorism was launched. CBP creates AG/BIO –TERROR COUNTERMEASURES (ABTC) with the mission to prevent the entry of AG/BIO terrorist and their weapons. OASISS was expended in 2007. Automated commercial environment was deployed. According to western hemisphere travel initiative, travelers entering the united states by land or sea must have travel documentation. They must have one of six things us passport, U.S passport card, enhanced driver license card, trusted traveler program cards, special groups. Today, it is the second largest source of revenue supporting the federal government.

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