Essay on History Of Construction Site Work Has Been Halted As Testing Ensues

Essay on History Of Construction Site Work Has Been Halted As Testing Ensues

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FDF-2C remains at 95% complete. Construction site work has been halted as testing ensues. Such testing primarily includes: equipment programming, electrical and mechanical installation and air ductwork. Ms. Woodland is auditing PC payrolls for fringe benefit reviews. Several PC employees (with responsibilities on multiple projects) have expressed concern that their fringes are incorrect. The review is to be completed by COB November 29, 2016 (in absence of issues or the need for additional information from PC and/or their employees). The current participation remains at 30% MBE and 6% WBE. Demobilization activities are expected to increase the MBE participation if SAR submittals are approved.

The CHP status remains unchanged. General construction work is on hold while service manuals and engineering design reviews are being executed for the gas conditioning system. Thus, the CHP project remains at 94% complete.

The design goals were surpassed with 33% MBE 5% WBE. The construction goals (28.4% MBE and 4.2% WBE) are questionable with site work being on hold due to the payment dispute between Pepco and USC and ongoing gas conditioning testing delays. Additionally, previously submitted change orders have shifted participation, though exceptions may be granted for some of the more technical work, which sometimes does not have viable sources for M//WBE participation (e.g. Cambi systems). Further, self-performance (USC) has been increased in some general construction trades to prevent further delays for the operation phase of this design-build-operate project.

I am currently compiling a list of firms identified from the LSC “cleaned” list of viable M/WBE construction contractors to help the GC increase M/WBE participa...

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...n ongoing fringe benefit review taking place to ascertain if fringes are being properly paid for current PCC site workers. The investigation is to be completed by Ms. Woodland no latter than 11/30/2016.
Due to the ensuing holiday, the next team meeting will be held on December 1, 2016. In lieu of an in-person meeting, a conference call will take place on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm to discuss current and future employment opportunities as well as additional methods and sources for new applicants. I have strongly encouraged the team to increase outreach to a more educated pool of candidates to fulfill more technical positions (e.g. engineers and PM) advertised by firms such as Millhouse. Sources referred to secure such a pool have included, but are not limited to, UDC Career Center, Black Engineers Societies at local colleges, American Institute of Architects, etc.

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