Essay about The History Of Coca Cola

Essay about The History Of Coca Cola

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The History of Pepsi
PepsiCo products are one of the most recognized brands around the world. Today they have one of the largest variety of products but not everyone knows how this recognized company came to be. And it all started in the late 1890’s in New Bern, North Carolina by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham. He was trying to make money off the recent success of Coca-Cola so he formulated his soda called “Brads Drink”. This would later be renamed Pepsi after he purchased the name trade mark name “Pep cola” for one hundred dollars. After this purchase Bradham paid an artist to create the Pepsi logo shortly after the logo was made ninety-seven shares of stock were issued.
Then in about after many years of success they fell on hard times as the great depression fell on the United States after before World War I. The company was forced into bankruptcy, but in the early 1930s the company was purchased by Charles G. Guth. He later reformulated the formula of the popular soda, he soon faced failed to make it successful.” Pepsi” was offered for sale to Coca-Cola, they turned down the offer so a candy company purchased them. After the war soon started to come to an end and the company started to recuperate their losses and started expanding worldwide. With a catch jingle about how it only cost a nickel and was recorded in fifty-five languages the soda was becoming a hit.
The candy company “Loft Incorporated” soon changed their name to “PepsiCo”. Not long after that change the company was in the same place they were before World War I. So the company got smart and bought a sugar plantation in Cuba and they continued to be successful during the time of the war. Once the war ended “Pepsi” found a way to make money of the war tha...

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...many drinks they stared to make, they soon expanded to water, tea, juices, and juice drinks.
By the time the 2000’s came around they needed to become more appealing to the younger population by creating different flavors of every drink in the product line. Going to the history books of the all the advertising campaigns they discovered that celebrities always boosted sales , so yet again they paid celebrities to advertise the company’s products. Again boosting sells and to this day they are still following this campaign technique. While this was good for the company they were working for another advertising campaign, they went online for the first time in 1996. This would help them have more customers because if someone went online they could participate in a drawing for all sorts of products, for instance they partnered with apple and offered a chance to win an iPod.

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