History Of Christianity And Its Impact On The Church Of The Early Years Essay

History Of Christianity And Its Impact On The Church Of The Early Years Essay

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The history of Christianity is one that can be traced from the beginning of time. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1 English Standard Version). The foundation of this religion is build upon the birth, life, death, and resurrection of a man named Jesus. Many Christians believe that he is the Son of God. Further, most additionally would agree that he is the second person in the trinity.
After Jesus’ death the Church of the early years saw many increase in followers and it was then that the name “Christians” started becoming more and more common. Though, due in large to the fact that Christianity was not as wide spread, these next few years following held with them many persecutions from those whom did not follow. A shift within this structure came about upon the conversion of Constantine in the early fourth century, dating to approximately the early 300 AD. Upon Constantine’s conversion to Christianity, in addition to making it the official religion of the Roman Empire, there was a wide spread violence that sailed in. During this period there was an increase in those that began to associate with this faith, largely due to those that wanted to follow the same religion as that of their ruler. As stated, “Christianity gradually rose in power and hierarchy until it became the "Christendom" that would encompass the entire western world in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.” (Anonymous 2007) Another point to also consider is the violence that swept across the area due to the adoption of the Christian religion by Constantine. We can see an account of this in the article Intolerance, Religious Violence, and Political Legitimacy in Late Antiquity, where he goes on to talk about how this could have been larg...

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...bility for many Catholics following the Vatican II. Lastly, we will look at the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is seen in all divisions as the mother of Jesus, the wife of Joseph. However, the significance of this birth and conception is one divine in nature, being that Mary had not had sexual relations in the conception of this child but it would be a child of the Holy Spirit. While Mary is a very significant person, to the Baptist division she is viewed strictly as the mother of Jesus; called to be the mother of Jesus by a virgin birth and significant in the story. However to the Catholic and Orthodox, we see a lot higher regard concerning her. To many, she is viewed as the prominent focus. While so many different leaders hold very much importance to each division of the Christian walk, these are a few of the main ones you would encounter, and hear talked of often.

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