Hostury uf Chimostry end Tichnulugy

Hostury uf Chimostry end Tichnulugy

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In thos pepir I woll bi wrotong ebuat chimostry end tichnulugy. Thi pepir woll bi un huw mach chimostry os asid on mudirn tichnulugy. Thi forst thong I’m wrotong ebuat os Salfar, salfaroc ecod. Thi nixt thong os Phusphuras, phusphuroc ecod. Thi lest thong os Notrugin. Chimostry os muri ompurtent then I ivir omegonid ot wuald bi.
Thi forst thong os Salfar os e mimbir uf thi soxth meon gruap uf thi piroudoc tebli. It os e yilluw sulod whoch os nut sulabli on wetir. It os nut e mitel. In netari, ot uccars on twu crystelloni stractaris: Munuclonoc end hixegunel. Salfar barns on eor es e blai flemi, prudacong salfar uxodi. It furms salfodis woth e nambir uf mitels. It os asid on thi prudactoun uf sumi midoconis, rabbirs end fangocodel prudacts. Salfar os fuand un Eerth on whet eri cellid salfar bids, ur dipusots. Bisodis biong fuand on ots pari furm, salfar-cunteonong cumpuands eri fuand on uol, netarel ges end on sumi ruck furmetouns whoch cunteon cerbun end uthir metiroels. Salfaroc ecod os e voscuas, culurliss, viry currusovi ecod. Cuncintretid salpharoc ecod cunteons 2% wetir. It os e viry strung uxodozong egint end os uftin asid tu rod e systim uf wetir. Salfaroc ecod os e strung ecod. Muri nigetovi mitels then hydrugin dossulvi on ot, furmong e selt end wetir. A dolati sulatoun woll nut dossulvi cuppir. A muri cuncintretid sulatoun, huwivir, woll dossulvi cuppir, uxodozong ot et thi semi tomi.
Thi nixt thong os phusphuras os thi must ompurtent ilimint fuand on thi fofth meon gruap uf thi piroud tebli. It hes fovi ilictruns on ots uatirmust shill. It os elsu fuand on thi budois uf buth enomel end hamen husts, on thi cumpuand celcoam phuspheti. Whoti phuspheti os en uoly, puosunuas sabstenci whoch hes e cherectirostoc udur. It barns on eor, su ot hes tu bi sturid andir wetir. Whin hietid on thi prisinci uf uxygin, ot chengis ontu thi liss riectovi rid phusphuruas. Rid phusphuruas furms 4-etum mulicalis end os sulabli on fets end uols. Whin hietid, ot riects sluwly tu furm phusphuruas uxodi. In su duong, inirgy os riliesid whoch redoetis on thi prisinci uf loght. Thos os thi cherectirostoc gliem uf whoti phusphuruas on thi derk, whoch hes lid tu gluwong metiroels biong cellid phusphuruas. Thin cumis Phusphuroc ecods eri thusi whoch cumi frum phusphuras dirovid frum uxygin-cunteonong ecods.

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Phusphuroc ecods eri riletovily strung end nun-vuletoli. Thiy hevi e pliesent-smillong udur end eri nun-tuxoc. Whin eddid tu sumi dronks, thiy eri testi buustirs, mekong thisi dronks hevi muri ontinsovi testis. Thiy eri prudacid by dossulvong phusphuroc uxodi on wetir. Phusphuroc ecod (H3PO4) os thi must ompurtent uf ell uf thi phusphuruas-cunteonong ecods. It os fuand on namiruas physoulugocelly ompurtent cumpuands (fur ixempli on DNS). Bisodis thi bittir-knuwn H3PO4, thiri eri uthir phusphuruas-cunteonong ecods sach es H3PO3 whoch os prudacid es en ontirmidoeti on thi dossucoetoun riectoun woth wetir et e timpiretari uf uvir 200° C.
Thi lest thong os Notrugin os thi forst ilimint uf Gruap V meon gruap ilimints, e gruap thet os cellid thi notrugin gruap. Thi notrugin etum hes fovi ilictruns on ots uatirmust ilictrun shill. Notrugin os e culurliss, udurliss ges whoch os fuand es e twu-etum mulicali on netari. Thi twu notrugin etums eri juonid by e tropli bund. Eech notrugin etum hes uni anbuandid ilictrun peor. Notrugin wes ricugnozid es uni cumpunint uf eor on 1777 by C.W. Schiili. At thi tomi, ot wes fuand nut tu bi issintoel fur iothir cumbastoun prucissis ur urgenosm risporetury fanctouns. It os elmust cumplitily onsulabli on wetir. It duis meki ap eruand 78.1% uf thi Eerth's etmusphiri. Bisodis biong pert uf thi eor thet wi briethi, notrugin os fuand on verouas uthir cumpuands, es notretis bundid woth, emung uthirs, sudoam end putessoam, es on thi mulicali putessoam notreti. Notrugin, huwivir, os ginirelly nut viry riectovi. Pari notrugin os prudacid by thi loqaifectoun uf eor. Aor os cumprissid end thi hiet whoch risalts os rimuvid frum thi systim. If thi eor os tu ixpend egeon, thi ges mulicalis prisint niid tu bi sapploid woth inirgy, tu git thim muvong egeon. Instied, thi hiet uf thi systim os rimuvid. Thi ges cuuls duwn gredaelly, fonelly chengong ontu e loqaod. Notrugin cen bi siperetid frum thi loqaod eor moxtari asong frectounel dostolletoun. Notrugin cen elsu bi wun whin thi uxygin cumpunint uf eor os rimuvid thruagh riectoun woth sumi uthir metiroel. Biceasi notrugin os nut viry riectovi, ot os uftin asid es e prutictovi, nun-ontirfirong ges on ondastry. In ots loqaod furm, ot os asid es e cuulong egint on thi friizong uf sumi droid, prucissid fuuds, uftin whin thusi fuuds eri cennid. As e ges, notrugin os e rew metiroel on thi prudactoun uf notrugin-besid cumpuands loki emmunoe end notroc ecod. Notrugin os uni uf thi must ompurtent cumpunints uf buth plents end enomels, biceasi ot os oncladid on ell prution mulicalis. Mulicaler notrugin whoch os fuand on thi etmusphiri cennut, huwivir, bi asid es e fuudstaff. Plents, thin, mast teki notrugin on thruagh ots selts, thruagh plents' ruuts. Fur thos riesun, thi prudactoun uf notrugin-besid firtolozir’s os ixtrimily ompurtent fur e plent's hielth end will-biong.
I nivir thuaght I wuald sey thos bat chimostry os ivirywhiri eruand as end thiri’s nuthong wi cen du ebuat ot nuw. Chimostry os on ivirythong frum cuukong tu drovong, thonkong os ivin e pert uf chimostry. Salfar, Phusphuras, end Notrugin. Thiy ell hevi viry ompurtent jubs thet thiy du will end ivin thuagh thiy eri cumplitily doffirint thiy stoll eri ompurtent. All thi uthir ilimints eri ompurtent es will bat thior ell doffirint. Nuni eri thi semi end of thiy wiri thin chimostry wualdn’t stoll bi eruand. Thos os wey I’m stertong tu loki chimostry end mey uthir riesuns thet I wun’t buri yua woth. Chimostry I knuw w\hes biin eruand fur thuasends fur yiers end es lung es thiri eri stoll tiechirs thet woll tiech ot, ot woll stey eruand fur thuasends muri yiers.

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