History of Biochemistry: Chemistry and Biology Connection to the World Today

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What criteria connects biology to chemistry?
-Chemistry has changed the way the world is today.
-Biology has changed how certain organisms live and stay alive today.
I will explain how chemistry and biology connect throughout the world today.
Following questions:
•What was this society like before the discovery of biology?
Biology is the study of living organisms and how organisms may live after awhile. Aristotle discovered biology in 1802.The term biology was first coined by gifted gottfried Reinhold Treviranus in 1802.There was never really a time before biology, biology is a natural term of any kind of science. Biology comes with the surroundings of science. Biology is actually a greek word. Biology really started to grow with the growth in research by scientist Anton Van Leenwenhoek.
•What was society like before discovery of chemistry? Life before chemistry was really confusing and unequal. It was hard to come to an answer on how some forms of matter could be labled and put in a certain category relating to science.
•How did natural resources limit or advance biology. Natural resources have advanced technology by coming with materials such as: beaker, erlenmeyer- flask, pestle etc. All made to study biology and a deeper point to understand biology. It has given us a better understanding of living organisms and how they develop. Biology is also studied on a scale displaying organisms and how they may react at certain points of growth.
•How has natural resources limited or advanced chemistry? Chemistry is a broad science, embracing the concepts of creation of molecules and the manipulation of atoms and dealing with microscopic and macroscopic scales. It covers interactions with plants, animals and humans through agriculture,...

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...s also made a very big impact on the development of the world as well. Chemistry has tought us that there's always a twist to scientific knowledge. Chemistry also has a great deal of math to deal with also. It is very uniques but explainable why chemistry kinda blends in with math, once you actually pay attention to what chemistry is focuses on and the study.
- My answer to my premises (biology connection to chemistry)
• The connection between these two scientific methods is tied into the world. By chemistry being the study of matter. Then biology being the study of organisms. They tie into each other by both dealing with the world's matter, and have to come thru each other to get the answer to whatever they seem to be looking for. They are actually the strength to science I would say. Throughout my research they both are the most important matters in science to me.

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