The History of Being a Teacher Essay

The History of Being a Teacher Essay

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I would like to be a teacher. I love kids and I love making them feel better. Teaching has always been something I wanted to do. Kids are just so fun to be around, yes they will have those days where they are bad, but there will be good days that the kids can be so sweet and just make your day a whole lot better, and make you laugh and smile. That’s why I want to be a teacher. Not only because I love being around kids, I just love helping people understand things a whole lot better about their education and their life plan.
The history of being a teacher is basically helping kids get better at things that they don’t know. The passing on the culture is also known as enculturation and the learning of social values and behaviors is socialization. History would be the percent of students would be the amount that learn and graduate. History for teaching means that not only do the teachers have the courage to determine their time to teach kids that might not be the best kids in the world. They still take their time out of the day to teach kids everything they know, and everything that they have to learn. Teaching is one of the hardest things to do in life, because you have kids that are not always going to listen to you, and you would have to know how to handle every situation under control and not take anything out of hand and be there for the kids when nobody else is. History for teaching basically to me is being able to be strong and wake up every morning and go to school to teach kids all they need to know. That’s the history for me.
There is approximately 457,200 people employed as a pre-school teacher. Related jobs are usually found in every town, because there are school literally everywhere you go. Teaching has become bigger. ...

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... are everywhere because kids need their education. I would ask maybe a teacher recommendation. I would also ask an adult that is familiar with this career. My last recommendation would be a math teacher because that’s what I want too teach school I would also want to do my work in Arkansas because it’s where most of my family lives.
The begging salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree is 30,962. The average salary for teaching is 48,638 from average teacher. The exceptional salary is the exceptional price would be around 51,030.
For having a chance to move up would be becoming or moving up too an administrators or a super visor. You cannot really move up in this career unless your moving up grade levels. Usually, when you are going to advancement you might/will a lot more training. Yes they do require duties, because you have to learn how to deal with things

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