The History Of Archaeology And Its Impact On The Development Of Archaeology

The History Of Archaeology And Its Impact On The Development Of Archaeology

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The development of archaeology has created two types of archaeology, which are post-processual and processual. Both distinct schools goal is to develop an explanation and explain the past. Despite their similarities, both types of archaeology gather information and explain the evidence differently. Processual and post-processual both have their own historical development, expressed goals, theoretical orientations, and the types of cultural reconstruction made.
Processual archaeology is known as the new or scientific archaeology because it requires computers, absolute data techniques, and using the scientific method (hypothesis). W.W. Taylor came up with this in the mid 1940’s because he argued that the methods that archaeologist used at the times were badly and needed change. By looking at the structure and organization archaeologists get the opportunity to look at the association of artifacts, pattern, and by time period. Processual Archaeologist talk about the behavior in a sight, how the sight of the artifacts were used, technology, economic (how it plays an important role), historical context, physical environment, and what changed. It results in several ways archaeology is practiced that can result on doing surveys (random sample), gathering data, and several field works to explain the past.
Post-Processual archaeology is known as the interpretative archaeology. It aroused because of the disagreement of the new archaeology, since it focused too much on environmental adaptation, did not take in account human knowledge, and it was too rationale. Post-processual wanted to get rid of limits like gender, age, which are important in a culture. It wanted to take in
those feminist theories like whenever women made potter...

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...g of artifacts through this point of view is that artifacts are made, used, and deposit by human behavior, and not entirely consistent. The interpretation of artifacts needs to have the contribution of minorities and women of past cultures or communities, not just the male archaeology.
In conclusion, the approach to the study of the past human behavior can be explained through the post-processual and processual archaeology. The post-processual archaeologist say one should include the minority groups so that the cultural history of what really happened is told, gather information about the past as well, and not to focus on environmental adaptation as much because it goes against human knowledge. On the other hand, some belief that this approach is wrong because you need to prove your statements, nevertheless both schools help to explain man culture from the past.

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