Essay on The History Of Apple Inc.

Essay on The History Of Apple Inc.

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The History of Apple Inc.
Apple is a well-known company when it comes to technology. Apple products are extremely desirable despite their outrageous prices. Apple technology is so preferable because these products were created by everyday people who knew exactly what consumers wanted. Apple was founded in 1976 by two college drop outs, Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak. Both Jobs and Wozniak were often viewed as outcasts. They were friends in high school and were both fascinated with electronics. Wozniak had been attracted to computer-design and created what became the Apple I. This first Apple computer was designed to be user friendly. Jobs convinced Wozniak that they should market and sell the machine to the individual consumer and not corporate clients. The Apple Computer was born on April 1, 1976. Analysts doubted that the Apple I would be successful. However, in 1977, the Apple computer began to soar in sales (“Company History”).
In 1977, the Apple II debuted at a local computer trade show. This was the first personal computer to come in a plastic case and include color graphics. Prior to this creation, people were stuck to the bland creations of IBM desktop computers. IBM was one of Apple’s major competitors. The Apple II was an impressive machine and intrigued many consumers despite the price. After its introduction, orders for Apple machines multiplied (“Company History”).
In 1978, Apple created another favorable product, the Apple Disk II. The Apple Disk II was the most inexpensive, easy to use floppy drive ever. This further increased Apple’s sales. As sales elevated, an increase in company size was required. By 1980, when the Apple III was released, Apple had thousands of employees. Apple began selling computers abroad. ...

... middle of paper ... ‘Toxic’ iPhones”, there are claims that, “a consumer watchdog group is considering a lawsuit against Apple, after the release of a Greenpeace report that alleges the company’s iPhone contains toxic chemicals” (Phillips). This negative publicity and investigation could give the power to authorities to interfere with the costs of labor and machinery. As a result, there could be a shift in the supply that would have short and long term consequences. Apple will face a decline in its profit if the costs of production increase, which will cause a shift to the left in the supply curve. The company will always experience a shift in the supply curve when a price change occurs for both raw materials and production (“Apple, Inc.: Company Supply, Demand and Financial Status”).
The ability and willingness of buyers to purchase goods and services is the definition of demand.

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