History of American Education, and No Child Left Behind Essay

History of American Education, and No Child Left Behind Essay

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1620-1776 Precess, Boundaries

Colonial America of 1620-1776 began the system for free public education for all New England colonies except Rhode Island. Has this system for free schools been maintained in part by “public funding?’ The Puritans believed the local governments should see to it that all children learned to read the Bible. Without being able to read the Bible, the children would not know how to denounce Satan. The Eight General Assembly, provided, for the people of each county, by a two-thirds vote to tax themselves three and one-third cents per dollar for school purposes.
With colonists grouped in towns and large settlements, it was easier to organize the schools. Early Massachusetts laws of 1642 and 1647 that every parent “be” responsible for having his or hers child learn to read. A law in America passed that every town of 50 families had to appoint a teacher and all children attend school to learn reading and writing.
In early America, the funding for schools mandated subjects taught were reading, writing, arithmetic, geography with English grammar except theology. Founded during the revolution era were eight colleges including Harvard; prior wealthy families sent their boys to Europe for higher education. First printed was the original New England Primer in Boston, during the 1680-1690 periods. It was the staple of American Education for over 150 years. The first children’s prayer “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” first appeared in this Primer.
A very sad fact about early education is lacking some completion. Many families had to move so their children could go to school. New schools were named, and called the districts, and gave birth to the one-room or the wild- cats.
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...f education.
The boundary demands a perception of the cultural, political and social features that signifies enclave differences of the area. To behold ones vision for education and the future excludes all boundaries, they have no limit or territories. One only has to exceed the imagination and break all confines of learning. In its original and strictest forms, “Sensation and reflections are the boundaries of our thoughts.”(Locke) …But still his native country lies beyond the boundaries of the skies.”(Cotton)
President Bush was instrumental to the higher learning institutions by passing the “No Child Left Behind,” beginning a new generation. The three and one-third cent tax has endured thru slavery, wars, depressions, oppression, Presidents, and the children of the United States. Subsequent boundaries, which evolve together with the society, they encompass.

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