History: Industralization and the Gilded Age Essay

History: Industralization and the Gilded Age Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live in this world and country during the transition from a rural; agriculture society to an economic nation rise of an industrialized society? Well that is exactly what the people of the Gilded Age experienced. It was a time of a dramatic business and political practice. In order for the business’s to rise there soon became a great amount of separation towards the people and the country. This caused our society to experience a stressful time and made it very difficult for ideas and concepts to equal out. Throughout this specific document there are four sources that were written by different individuals. Each and every source has an explanation and an overview of the times in the Gilded Age.
While reading these documents it has shown and expressed to the audience that based off of a person’s position in society it will allow for their opinions and views of our world to be noticeably different. Each of the authors in this document all have somewhat different yet similar views and explanations of the times during 1870-1895. A lot of the views on the business production and the politics are highly differed based off ones role in society. A few of the authors of the sources such as, Andrew Carnegie and Jay Gould were each part of a higher class within the Gilded Age, their views on the business industry was that the government should not get involved with ones actions in the business world. Whereas another author within the source, Henry George, viewed that being poor and living in poverty is an act of other people within a selfish society, and that if we want change one must fix their actions to allow for a secure absolute community filled with equality.
Firstly, one man who w...

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...l reformer who in 1885 gave a speech known as “An Analysis on the Crime of Poverty.” George explains that it is not a crime to be poor, but poverty is a crime. Meaning, those who are considered to be living in poverty is a victim of crime that either themselves or those around them are responsible for. George also explains how poverty is everywhere. It is something that all nations will be familiar with. It is a time of suffering because of unjust distribution and possession of land. Henry George makes it clear to society that individuals can own something that no man created. He provides a reasoning for those who are in poverty, and explains that man did not create land, therefore you can own it if your heart desires. His resolution on poverty was to put a stop to the unjust distribution of money from the land that man didn’t even create, so it can return equality.

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