History fo Euclid Avenue Corridor

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History of Euclid Avenue Corridor Euclid Avenue, referred to as “Millionaire’s Row” from the late 1800s to the 1920s, is one of the oldest corridors in Cleveland, Ohio. This corridor has undergone a number of redevelopment projects in the past century, as the city itself transformed from a commercial town in the 1800s, to the industrial city it is today. Large areas of the Euclid Avenue corridor were demolished in the 1960s, as part of a series of urban renewal programs. These programs were established to revitalize office and housing markets in downtown Cleveland and to further encourage development of University Circle, a neighborhood of cultural, educational and medical institutions, located on the east side of Cleveland. The Euclid Avenue Corridor continues to experience various redevelopment projects, in order to secure its economic position in U.S. and international markets. Since the early 1990s, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) had been exploring public transit resolutions that would improve access to Cleveland’s two largest employment hubs, downtown Cleveland and University Circle. During this examination period, GCRTA’s discussions with the local communities and local business leaders specified that there was a major need for improved public transit mobility along the Euclid Avenue Corridor. These discussions led to the development and evaluation of alternatives to the current bus route that served this area, the local bus route #6. By coordinating with Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland, and by hosting a series of public meetings, GCRTA had more than enough input and assistance in the final determination of alternatives to meet the transportation needs of the community and the Euclid ... ... middle of paper ... ... phase of this bus rapid transit system. Thanks to the partnership between the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority and Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital, they purchased the naming rights of this bus system. The HealthLine is the leading project in the Euclid Avenue Corridor that has helped it to revitalize. Not only is this system moving millions of passengers from University Circle to Downtown Cleveland, in a half hour or less, but it is moving Greater Cleveland’s economy above billions of dollars of economic development. This bus rapid transit system has made Cleveland a lot more sustainable and even more environmentally friendly, especially with the HealthLine’s hybrid-electric vehicles and the greenery along the route. With the plans for expansion, the Cleveland area can expect nothing but more redevelopment and an even bigger and better economy.

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