Essay about History And Language Arts : The Pinnacle Of School Achievement

Essay about History And Language Arts : The Pinnacle Of School Achievement

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Failure has led to many great things throughout history. Business moguls such as Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and even Robert Kraft all failed in many of their first business ventures before coming what they are today. These failures did not stop them but instead spurred them on to do great things. I have also had a failure that made me become better in my life.
During the 5th grade, I believed I was king of the world. After slaving through 5 years of elementary school, I had finally achieved what I thought to be the pinnacle of school achievement. I had been in a Gifted and Talented class since kindergarten and believed myself to be extremely smart. In school, I had a strong affinity for math and science. History and Language arts were my two most hated subjects through elementary school. At the end of 5th grade, everyone in the gifted and talented class took a test to determine which math class they would be placed in at the beginning of junior high.
I, believing that I was the reincarnation of Isaac Newton, spurned studying unlike my friends and play video games all week leading up to the test. The night before the test I attempted to beat my high score on Mario Party 4. I beat my high score on Mario Party 4 but I bombed my math placement test the next day. When the results were sent back to us in the following weeks, I was crushed to find out that I had placed into the lowest math my middle school offered. I, the second coming of Isaac Newton, had failed an elementary math school. Many emotions rushed through my head as my failure had begun to sink in. Anger, sadness, guilt, confusion, frustration swirled in a vortex throughout my head as I walked from class to class. When I went home to my parents, they further crushed my s...

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...n answered when I received an IPhone in the 7th grade. An IPhone was like a computer and a cell phone all wrapped up into one. It could do everything a cellphone could do and even more. The app store gave me thousands of different ways to customize my phone and gave me windows into many different worlds. I downloaded all kinds of apps that personalized my IPhone to my own needs.
Soon my IPhone became even more personal to me. I began to think of my IPhone as a friend and person. While I had struggle with many different relationships with my friends, family, and teachers, my technology became my place of solace and refuge when the world around me became more and more challenging. My technology did exactly what I wanted it to do and never failed me. Throughout my life, it became my steadying rock I could always return to even when life became too much for me to handle.

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