History and Issues in Mexico City Essay

History and Issues in Mexico City Essay

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Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. Mexico City is very well known for being the longest continuously inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere, and it is also the largest and the oldest city in the Spanish America. The population of Mexico City is growing very quickly, for many reasons mainly the migration from the other parts of Mexico and another reason is that the birth rate is greater than the death rate. At a population of 21 million people, about one-fifth of the country's inhabitants, it is one of the most greatly populated cities in the world, and it is the worlds largest capital city. These circumstances force much of the population to live and deal with poverty, pollution, poor housing, scarce cleanliness, and the major problems of water supplies.

As I mentioned before, that the population of Mexico city is increasing rapidly, caused by people migrating from different parts of Mexico. The factors that pull people to the capital city are many such as, proper protein filled food, electricity, proper roads, medical services, proper cleanliness, and more job opportuni...

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