History and Importance of Baseball in the US Essay

History and Importance of Baseball in the US Essay

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Baseball is an American icon. It is the Statue of Liberty, the bald eagle, ‘In God We Trust,’ Mount Rushmore, ice cream, apple pie, hot dogs, and rally monkeys. BASEBALL IS AMERICA.” At one time baseball held the hearts and captivated the minds of the majority of the United States of America with its luster and almost magical exuberance. It exerted this on minds of young children and all the way up to old men and women in America. Americans fell in love with the scent of ballpark hotdogs and the spectacle of beautiful ballparks to the crisp breeze of the air filled with thousands of voices belting “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” while eating a big box of Cracker Jacks. Something about the pure joy it brought upon the hearts of Americans just made people feel pure happiness in its simplest form. That pure joy came from the game and people vented towards that feeling and fed of it making baseball almost larger than life. Baseball still captivates the hearts and minds of some Americans the way it used to but not many because the generation of people growing up now never experienced the magic baseball used to exhibit on people and grew up with football captivating America’s heart more than baseball did. Most people think that football now holds the title of America’s game. If someone asked the average American if they would rather watch a big football game or a big baseball game, I believe the average American would watch the football game. “Football may be the "disco beat" of modern
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Sports, but baseball is Chopin or the mystique of Mozart. Every baseball game is new with the pristine beauty of the notes of Beethoven's Ninth.” (Gerstle) (Baltov Jr.)
Some of the most iconic and pristine ballparks across the U.S and through...

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...c Search Premier. Web. 7 Nov. 2013. Hoyt Purvis professes for the University of Arkansas department of Journalism. This gives him adequate authority on the subject of peer reviewing journal entries. This journal entry and his subsequent reviewing of it stem from the biography of Jackie Robinson. The article only shows a selection out of the much larger book on the biography of Jackie Robinson. The main part of the article is the part where Purvis attached his review of the complete article to the article itself. This article really helps me understand the point of view of another journalistic person’s opinion on an article and how to read and analyze an article better me. “Baseball was supposed to be America’s game. However, until fifty years ago, major league baseball, the pinnacle of the national sport, was not open to all Americans.”

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