The History and Geography of Somalia Essay

The History and Geography of Somalia Essay

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Somalia once rested in the middle of major trade routes keeping the area filled with world travelers and goods. Once foreign governments took control, stability started toward a downhill slide that would eventually lead the country into ruin. In recent history, terrorists tended to be attracted to countries with political problems, weak governments, or a vacuum of power and no security forces. Somalia is no different, for 25 years the country dove into civil war and anarchy with no officially recognized government. The country struggles to regain control over the economy and terrorism, clans and tribes war with each other as other countries try to stand in and help. Refugees continue to flee the country; they live in less than desirable conditions in refugee camps, other countries, or die trying. Somalia has struggled with war from within and from without, as the new government takes control there is progress towards unity. In the following paper, I will discuss the history and geography of Somalia, government, the people, and the culture of the country. It is important to know these topics of a foreign country when possible military action if forthcoming. Knowing these topics allows the military to communicate effectively with the local population, government, and understand possible opposition forces.
The history and geography of Somalia
Conflicts that shaped the country. The settlers of Somalia’s origins trace back to Yemen, Portugal, and Oman. Trade was big in that time. Prior to the 19th century, tribes ruled areas of land. Peace prevailed in regions where rule and law were enforced. In the 19th century, British and Italian trading companies took control of areas of the coastal areas through treaties and negot...

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