The History and Future of Creative Writing on the Internet Essay

The History and Future of Creative Writing on the Internet Essay

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Creative Writing on the Internet has evolved from being mainly an educational tool used over a network realized by a limited number of people who had the technical knowledge to access the data, to a widespread phenomena including not only including educational purposes but also personal interests, hobbies, and private consumerism as current browser technology makes the Internet more user-friendly and easily approachable.
Since the earliest days of the Internet some of the largest providers and gateways have been universities and colleges across the world (like the University of Minnesota and its Gopher program ); many of these educational facilities would offer information about their programs ( In this manner, facts about programs in English and Creative Writing were easily and widely dispersed. Universities served as keypoints of Creative Writing, as they had since the time of St. Thomas Aquinas at the University of Paris and even earlier, and very much wanted to distribute information on what they had to offer. So even in the very beginning, Creative Writing had strong roots in the Internet, because of the fact that Universities and Colleges were hosts to the technology needed, and were generally interested in the potential educational purposes.
In the following few years, Creative Writing was not the most accentuated of the University disciplines; in fact, by 1994, only 35% of public schools were connected to the Internet, most teachers could not show their students what resources were out there ( Because of this, most Creative Writing material at that time was either University-based, or (in a new trend continui...

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... So in conclusion, Creative Writing on the Internet has turned from being based mainly in the advertisements of the universities and colleges that sponsored and harbored the early Internet to being based on the hobbies and private interests of the mass consumer who accessed them through the increasingly popular ISP, and will continue to grow and expand as the Internet does. The need for Creative Writing in general is clearly demonstrated by the great diversity and bulk of information found today, and will be even further expounded by whatever technology is next developed.

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