The History and Evolution of Skateboarding Essay examples

The History and Evolution of Skateboarding Essay examples

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The History and Evolution of Skateboarding
Teenage skateboarders are everywhere! They are on T.V., at skate parks or on the streets of the city in which you live. These adventurous kids wearing snap back hats and torn up skate shoes getting a thrill out of life. Skate shops are big business and are popping up on every corner and in every mall. They are a breeding ground for new skateboarders. Skateboarders push the limits and do dangerous stunts like jumping down stairs while on their boards, grinding handrails, propelling themselves 20 feet into the air and bombing hills at high speed. If not careful, their antics can result in broken bones, skinned flesh and, if not protected, even head injuries. The skateboarder may be stereotyped as laid back or rude. This bad boy image could come from a time when skateboarders skated on public property, cut people off in the streets or sidewalk or defied authority with rebellious attitudes towards the police. What most people don’t know is that skateboarding has a rich and colorful history. Skateboarding has been around since the 1950’s. To the average person, skateboarding is seen as dangerous and stupid, but to skateboarders it is a lifestyle and a personal form of expression. Skateboarding is dynamic, it has a life of its own, and it constantly evolves to fit the times and the needs of the skateboarder. Over the years, skateboarding has grown from an anti-establishment subculture into a legitimate mainstream sport.

Surfing and roller skating were the roots of the skateboard craze. Somewhere in California, a group of surfers was looking for something to do when the waves were too flat to surf. They came up with the idea to connect roller skate trucks and wheels to a wooden 2...

... middle of paper ...

...part of our culture. It is hard to believe that this revolution began with a piece of wood and a pair of roller skates.

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