Essay about History And Evolution Of Morocco

Essay about History And Evolution Of Morocco

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Every country around the world has its own philosophy and evolution. Morocco, a country located in North West Africa, broadly exposed on the Atlantic Ocean from the west, and the Mediterranean Sea from the north. The Strait of Gibraltar, which unites the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, splits Morocco from Spain by eight miles. Morocco is the foundation of numerous cultures and is prominent by its biodiversity. The languages spoken vary from Arabic, French, Berber, Spanish and English. Abundant plains lie beside Morocco 's coasts, and wooded mountains stretch through the middle of the country. Outside the mountains lies a sundried desert, the Sahara. Casablanca is the largest city and Rabat is Morocco 's capital. However, what is astonishing about this country is that you can discover more than four different civilizations which live serenely sharing similar land. The only sanctioned religion is Islam along with some Christians and Jews. In addition, Morocco is very well-known for their diet, customary clothing and the sanctified music.
Social Organization
The family is the focus of every Moroccan 's life. The accustomed Moroccan household consist of two parents, their unmarried children, their married sons, and the married sons ' wives and children. It is common for Moroccan women to live with their husband 's family until the father passes away. When the father passes away, all the married sons’ begin their own household while the unmarried children stay home and take care of their mother, grandparents, and children. Children live with their families until they get married or go to school. Women are expected to take care of the homes and everyone that lives within. The elderly are extremely loved and cared for by their families. ...

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...nted pathogens. Green tea instilled with fresh mint leaves cures sickness and soothes the throat while treating fever, indigestion, and nausea. Another herbal remedy is ginger which is an anti-inflammatory that fights unwanted bacteria, reduces phlegm, reduces fever, enhances the immune system, and relieves nausea. Saffron which is a spice used in teas and desserts aids in the help of increasing appetite, digestion, increase blood flow, and calm nerves. Finally, Moroccan’s use argon and olive oil to silence a cough. They will massage a mixture onto their necks and wrap their necks with a scarf. According to the World Health Organization health is defined as: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." The meaning of illness is a disease or period of sickness affecting the mind and body.

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